Sunday, 8 January 2017

Trailers Week 131: 08/01/17

Child's Play
When your trailer stresses that it's an all new movie, but only has footage from older movies in the franchise, that might be a small cause for concern. And besides, I had no idea they still made Chucky movies, let alone seven of them.

Cars 3
Speaking of concern, that first trailer for Cars 3 was kinda promising with it's darker and grittier look, but now this looks like a return to the old style. I'd hardly class this as a trailer when you're only introducing some new characters.

Fifty Shades Darker
Enough of the kids stuff, lets watch a trailer for some super uncomfortable 'adult' entertainment. This just looks like an annoying self repeating cycle.

The Space Between Us
Now for some teen romance, but with a lot less sex. There's too much to say about this. That kid's heart is obviously going to be fine, because despite the change in gravity, love beats everything. Except maybe cardiac arrest.

All Nighter
And finally a reason for guys to be scared off/not get to close to their girlfriend's fathers.

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