Sunday, 16 October 2016

Trailers Week 119: 16/10/16

Army of One
Just when you think Nicolas Cage couldn't get any crazier, he goes ahead and stars in a movie where he thinks God is telling him to kill bin Laden. Then again, it does come from director Larry Charles, who is equally as insane.

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
This week we're doubling down on Nic Cage. This time we see his more serious side in the story about the ship that delivered the atomic bomb during the Pacific War.

Life on the Line
When you've made a movie about damn near every job imaginable, you start scraping the bottom of the barrel. I give you John Travolta as a lineman.

Trash Fire
Apparently this horror flick is also a comedy.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
For those of you who sat through all those trailers, you get a treat. Unless you're not a fan of Star Wars, in which case you have to sit through this one as well.

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