Sunday, 18 December 2016

Trailers Week 128: 18/12/16

Despite this film having a lot of other stars, I can't get over Nicolas Cage looking exactly like he did in the movie Deadfall where he was absolutely insane.

I'm not one to badmouth a movie just from the trailer, but I don't think I get this one. It's also just expanding on the myth that Latin America is a super dangerous place to visit.

Going In Style
Old guys robbing a bank, that's kinda cute. But then when you remember that Michael Caine was in The Italian Job, maybe it becomes a bit more conceivable.

The Fate of the Furious
Never betray your family. Otherwise your family will come back to get you. Did I mention these people were a family? Family.

Alone In Berlin
Part of me really hopes that this is an original movie about Nazi Germany and not based on a true story. I get that it's history and there's so many stories to tell, but I just want to see something where we don't already know the outcome.

Like this one. But then again it does look like Tom Hardy is playing a Nazi fighter pilot. He'd be up for a challenge like that.

Richard Gere plays a 'fixer', but not the regular type who makes messy situations go away. Or maybe he does.

The Bye Bye Man
Do you know how hard it is to not think of something if I tell you not to? Don't think about a pink elephant.

No wonder that guy divorced Katherine Heigl. I don't blame him.

Despicable Me 3
An 80s themed movie villain is a fun idea if you ask me.

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