Sunday, 4 December 2016

Trailers Week 126: 04/12/16

It's a new take on the whole how to get a demon out of someone thing, but the one thing I really want from this movie is for Aaron Eckhart to be the demon.

Seriously, you haven't been told not to mess around with insane asylums?

The Autopsy of Jane Doe
It's probably ancient zombies, but what a way to confine the action/horror.

The Belko Experiment (NSFW)
Don't tell me you wouldn't kill Carol from accounting if you had the chance.

I get that this one is about a kid with telekinetic powers, but the fact that it's made by WWE is concerning.

The Shack
So I guess he went crazy after his kid died. That's understandable.

Office Christmas Party
By the time the third trailer for a movie comes out it really becomes a struggle to think of something clever to write, especially when it comes out next week.

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