Sunday, 14 August 2016

Trailers Week 110: 14/08/16

Brother Nature
Let's start of this week with some light-hearted fun. This SNL produced comedy is about a junior politician who has to spend a week with his girlfriend's family. It turns out her sister's boyfriend is more excited than anyone to meet him. I'm not ashamed to say that this is the type of thing I find really funny.

Bad Santa 2 (NSFW)
In this rather expletive filled trailer, we get a better look at the return of Billy Bob's Santa who is back to his old thieving ways.

War on Everyone
I think Alexander Skårsgard and Michael Peña may just be the best buddy cop duo ever.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
The most appealing part of this trailer for me is seeing that old school Star Wars technology but with our modern visual effects. Very exciting.

Resident Evil: The Last Chapter
I know a couple of my friends who will balk at this statement, but I've never gotten the Resident Evil movies. Are they zombies, is it just a weird virus, make up your mind. At least it's finally over.

How WWII movies has Brad Pitt been in. This one looks more dramatic than his action and comedy adventures, and I've never seen one where he has so many swastikas around him.

Complete Unknown
It's pretty messed up to leave someone's life and then try and wheedle your way back into it again.

The Sea of Trees
Acclaimed director Gus Van Sant brings us this hardcore movie about a couple going through a potential future death.

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