Sunday, 31 July 2016

Trailers Week 108: 31/07/16

Rough Stuff
First off this week, we take a look at some rough and tumble comedy set in the Australian bush. You know, some good old larrakin fun.

T2: Trainspotting 2
Even such a small little hint at this upcoming sequel is enough to get people super exciting to dive back into the world of Scottish heroin junkies.

Office Christmas Party
Let's get the ball rolling on this year's Christmas movies and so far they seem to be for adults only. I've been to some good office parties, but this one looks like it would be top notch. It also seems to me that Jason Bateman and T.J. Miller would not get along.

Bad Santa 2
Oh yeah, and Billy Bob doesn't like being Santa still.

This movie just feels like a who's who in comedy. But seriously robbing a bank in the 90s mustn't have been too hard. I'm surprised it didn't happen more.

Okay, so this M. Night Shymalan movie isn't quite a comedy, but something about James McAvoy's performance looks like it will make me laugh. I mean it's not like he's never worn a dress before. Let's hope he's actually made a good movie this time round.

The Accountant
A closer look at Ben Affleck's autistic accountant who launders cash for all the bad guys of the world. What I'm more focused with in this trailer is that I'm getting J.K. Simmons and Jeffrey Tambor mixed up. That or they've morphed into one person.

The Great Wall
Meanwhile, Ben's best friend Matt Damon has gone back to ancient China to be the only white guy to help fight the dragons.

Hacksaw Ridge
Lastly this week, let's wrap up with the movie about the pacifist war hero.

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