Sunday, 10 July 2016

Trailers Week 105: 10/07/16

This is an intense look at the world of fraternity hazing. If you think it seems a little unrealistic, then definitely check out the Todd Phillips documentary Frat House. That just makes this all the scarier.

Blood Father
Mel Gibson goes to even more extreme lengths to protect his daughter than Liam Neeson. Check out William H. Macy as a redneck.

Table 19
This is a super amazing idea. That table of rejects at a wedding. I know all about these feelings. But hey, free alcohol.

Cute animals singing? How can this go wrong? It's basically a license to print cash.

Come on, don't tell me no one else was thinking Danny Rad was a neo-nazi all along.

The Intervention
Wow, having your friends tell you to get divorced. Maybe you should...

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