Sunday, 20 November 2016

Trailers Week 124: 20/10/16

Ghost in the Shell
I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but of all the cool animes to make a Hollywood remake of, they went with this one? What about Akira or Neon Genesis Evangelion? Oh, wait, they did that last one pretty poorly with Pacific Rim. Good luck Scarlett.

Beauty and the Beast
While everyone's getting excited at their first look at Emma Watson in this live action Disney remake, I think I'm the only one obsessing over Luke Evans as Gaston. It's a pretty inspired choice if you ask me.

Kong: Skull Island
Meanwhile elsewhere in Remake Land, the modern take on King Kong is shaping up to be pretty exciting.

100 Streets
Idris Elba's new movie isn't the big action movie we'd all expect, but rather a drama about a former rugby champion on the ropes.

Natalie Portman's long-awaited Jackie Onassis biopic about her life post-JFK looks like a doozy.

Patriots Day
Meanwhile, another Son of Boston fights to bring down the terrorists and save the day.

I really hope that this movie splits off into two timelines somewhere during the action.

Monster Trucks
Scott Summers' older brother Lucas Till has decided to go for a more kid friendly movie.

Hidden Figures
I think racist Americans would look at black people a lot differently if they knew there wouldn't be a space program without them.

Why Him? (NSFW)
I just wanna know if those pictures of young Bryan Cranston are real or photoshopped.

Before I Fall
Zoey Deutch again in this darker Groundhog Day for teens.

A Kind of Murder
I think this is going to achieve what The Girl on the Train failed to.

The Zookeeper's Wife
Jessica Chastain decides to become the Oskar Schindler of zoos.

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