Sunday, 12 June 2016

Trailers Week 101: 12/06/16

Josh Duhamel has a wicked left arm and a propensity to get as high as possible.

Woah this looks like it's going to be dark. This is what happens when you bully the little guy.

The Shallows
I know we keep showing the trailers for this movie, but each time I see one, I'm terrified.

Vigilante Diaries
Ooh, imagine if vigilantes had their own internet subscription show where they let uploaded all the times they brought down a bad guy. Not this, just a cool idea.

Yoga Hosers
Kevin Smith's latest is about two yoga loving Canadian teens who take on supernatural Nazi sausages. Check out the nose on Johnny Depp.

The Legend of Tarzan
An IMAX trailer! Because nothing pops out more on your small computer screen like IMAX.

I'm just showing these trailers now in the hopes that each will be last bad. It doesn't really matter about the movie now.

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